Community Common Areas

Community common areas are of great importance to all (HOA) homeowners associations, condominium associations, and apartment complexes. Sidewalks, curbs, road valleys, and open areas don’t just have aesthetic value to a community, they also provide an environment for people to gather, exercise, and for children to play. It goes without saying that maintaining a clean appearance in these parts of the community is essential for the wellbeing of the neighborhood as well as safety. That’s why Xtreme Clean Power Wash is excited to offer our pressure washing memberships to you!

Why Do I Need to Pressure Wash Our Community Common Areas?

Dirt, mold, and algae can come from anywhere and get encrusted in some of the most difficult areas to clean. These particulates can become caked into pavers and concrete, leaving a slippery and unappealing appearance in your common areas. You’d be surprised the difference clean concrete and common areas can make for a community and with a professional pressure washing service, you will never need to worry about pressure cleaning! Xtreme Clean will have a supervisor assigned to your property for all your community pressure cleaning as needed.

Why Choose Xtreme Clean Power Wash to Clean Our Common Areas?

Our team has a unique combination of experience, skill, memberships and access to cutting-edge equipment to complete any job effectively and in record time. Our typical routine on the day of service includes:

What Should My Community Do Before a Scheduled Service?

Have the community’s gate prepared for our arrival (if applicable)
Remove any valuables or potted plants from the perimeter
Keep all pets inside
Be sure every door and window are well sealed
Water grass and plants to keep hydrated during service
Notify Residents 48 hours prior to the cleaning

Need Pressure Wash Services for Your Community Common Areas in South Florida?

You’ve come to the right place! Xtreme Clean Power Wash takes pride in our results above all else and once we’re done, the difference will be undeniable with a discounted contract price for continued service. Give us a call today to learn more about our commercial pressure cleaning services for your property!

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