HOA Maintenance Plan

The long-term goal of every association and community is to increase the beauty and value of the community as a whole while maintaining a reasonable budget. Xtreme Clean knows the importance and significance of a community's annual budget and service. That’s why Xtreme Clean offers membership programs for communities to maintain their property and common areas under contract, as well as utilize the annual budget to ensure all proper areas are being cleaned yearly. Also, with our two-year spot free warranty, your community does not have to worry about roof cleaning for years! Xtreme Clean Powerwash will work with your community to create a long-term beautification plan for year to come!

Why Does My HOA Need a Pressure Washing Maintenance Plan?

Dirt, grime, mildew, and algae will build up on community common areas quickly and create a layer of filth that is unsafe and unappealing to residents. Community grounds are a huge importance to the community as residents share these areas as a whole. Community events, public gatherings, neighborhood socializing, and home buying all play a huge role for the community's growth in the future.

Why Is Xtreme Clean Powerwash the Best Choice for Your HOA?

We offer discounted monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, and annual contracts as part of our HOA maintenance plan that includes:

  • Assigned supervisor and point of contact for any on-site pressure cleaning need
  • Monthly drive/walk-through for community inspections
  • Regular servicing to ensure that your community is clean year round
  • Discounted bundle rates to homeowners

We Offer Services For

Homeowners Associations (Ask about our residential bundle pricing for community residents)
Multi-Family Communities
Apartment Associations

Ready to Keep Your Community Clean Annually with Professional Pressure Washing?

Our team at Xtreme Clean Powerwash prides themselves in providing our clients with unparalleled pressure cleaning services and unmatched results. Our management team maintains contact with property management and the board of directors to discuss ongoing pressure cleaning needs for the community. Also, with our membership plans we assure residents as well as management outstanding results year-round as well as a clean, sanitized community. Give us a call today to schedule your first walkthrough!

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