Industrial Equipment / Cranes

What if we told you we can help you improve the performance and extend the functional life of your cranes and industrial equipment? Regular cleaning is essential in maintaining heavy machinery and our team at Xtreme Clean Power Wash is fully trained and equipped to handle even the largest of projects.

Why Should Industrial Equipment be Pressure Washed?

Over time, and especially after heavy use, industrial equipment accumulates dirt, grime, and grease. If this is left uncleaned, it can wreak havoc on gears, joints, and other important components. Cleaning these devices can be time-consuming and difficult to do successfully. However, with pressurized hot water, we can reach those difficult areas and completely remove even the toughest sources of filth.

Why Do Cranes Need to Be Power Washed?

As with all heavy industrial equipment, cranes are susceptible to the build-up of grime and rust. The combination can threaten the stability of the equipment and create hazardous conditions for operators. We can modulate our pressure cleaning systems to remove rust and other dangerous build-ups without harming any components of the crane. With regular treatment, you can keep workers safe and prevent damage to these expensive machines.

Benefits of Pressure Washing Industrial Equipment and Cranes

Extend the lifetime of the equipment
Save money on repair
Keep machinery functioning at optimal levels

Keep Your Industrial Equipment in Top Shape with Pressure Washing in South Florida

Xtreme Clean Power Wash is an ally to all industrial businesses. We understand the value of maintaining gear in optimal conditions. Let us show you how we can reduce your overhead by extending the life of your industrial equipment. Call us today for a quote!

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