Parking Garage Cleaning & Water Reclaim

At Xtreme Clean Power Wash, we pride ourselves in bringing our clients thorough and effective service in an environmentally safe manner for your property's parking garage. These principles have led us to invest in cutting-edge equipment for parking garage cleaning that allows us to abide by environmental standards and prevent pollutants from entering the water system. Our hot water systems and ride on reclaim scrubbers make any parking garage cleaning possible with an outstanding professional look!

Why Do We Use Water Reclaim Systems?

Many new high-rise parking garages don’t have the proper draining and runoff into our local waterways. Here at Xtreme Clean, we have found a more effective and safe way to clean parking garages while reclaiming all the detergents and water used – all while providing a professional, clean look! From the ceilings, pipes, and walls to parking spots, we are able to remove all loose dirt, brake dust, and mold with a commercial grade ride on scrubber, without leaving any still water.

Why Should Parking Garages be Pressure Washed?

Cars are regularly discharging oil, heavy metal particulates (brake dust), and other fluids that can be absorbed by concrete. Outside parking lots at least have the benefit of being exposed to the elements but in enclosed parking garages, those contaminants sit on the ground, create unsightly stains, and slowly deteriorate the structure. Routinely pressure washing a parking garage can eliminate the need for future repairs and help make a cleaner garage.

Benefits of Parking Garage Cleaning

Prolife line striping and car stops for residents
No more tracking dirt into buildings and vehicles
Creates a cleaner environment
More comfortable parking experience
Happy residents!

Why is Hot Water Cleaning so important?

Xtreme Clean Power Wash only uses state-of-the-art equipment when it comes to parking garages, with custom built trailers under a 7 ft. clearance and custom-built diesel hot water boxes producing 220-degree water. The advantage of hot water cleaning is not only for gum, grease, and oil stains. It penetrates the surface with such a high temperature that it liquifies the stains without causing any damage to the existing grounds. Give us a call today to learn more.

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