Soft Pressure Roof Cleaning

Xtreme Clean Power Wash can guarantee outstanding results and a safe effective way to clean your roof. With a soft wash treatment, it ensures no high pressure will be applied to the roof while still getting down into the pores for a deep cleaning. Here at Xtreme Clean, we show you the results the same day, while providing a two-year spot free warranty! We are just as thorough in our preparation as we are in our cleaning to keep your property safe and ensure lasting results for your community.

What is Soft Wash Cleaning?

Soft washing uses a much lower level of water pressure and detergents than traditional pressure or power washing to prevent damage to roof tiles and other materials. This type of wash also mixes biodegradable cleaning solutions with the water which is used to remove mold, mildew, from the spores of your roof.

How Does Xtreme Clean Power Wash Prepare Your Community and Residents?

The first step is notifying residents with door hangers and signs 48 hours prior, then examining your roof for cracks, misplaced tiles, or other structural defects that can cause a problem. Then we inspect the gutter downspout and tie a 50-gallon trash bag to the end of the spouts to collect mold and other particulates that come from the roof runoff.

The next step is to examine all bushes and plants and cover those that are most vulnerable with tarps before we start our cleaning (the plants that are not tarped are watered to the point that they cannot absorb any more liquid to protect them from residue). We take these measures to protect your property and vegetation during the cleaning process.

What Do I Need to do On the Day of My Scheduled Service?

Have the community’s gate prepared for our arrival (if applicable)
Remove any valuables or potted plants from the perimeter
Keep all pets inside
Be sure every door and window are well sealed
Water grass and plants to keep hydrated during service
Notify Residents 48 hours prior to the cleaning

Why Choose Xtreme Clean?

At Xtreme Clean Power Wash, we’ve mastered all aspects of clay tile and concrete soft wash roof cleaning. When you choose our services, you get the peace of mind of effective cleaning you can count on as well as our two-year spot free warranty. We also, give you a survey of the wellbeing of your roof before we start the cleaning! Give us a call today to learn more.

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